Detangle with ease

If tangled springs, rings, or clips tie up your production, we have the solution!


The Smart Solution

This is manufactured to be the most flexible detangling system, that unlike any other can be utilized for total automation integration or as a stand-alone processor.

The D-Tangler 2000 is able to process various sizes and shapes making this unit the most cost-effective system available today, providing substantial cost savings to your company's bottom line.

Difficult Applications

The D-Tangler 2000 features a custom contoured impeller and it is available for the most difficult applications including extension springs, clips, wire forms, etc.

Before and After

See Before and After Examples

Easy to Use

Tangled springs are manually dropped into the input tube. They fall into a steel chamber where an impeller located at the bottom dislodges most of the tangled springs and gently dispenses them.

Designed on CAD systems to provide the best performance for gentle and efficient detangling.

The Operator's Choice

The input tube can be rotated 90 degrees to suit individual preferences. A convenient single speed pot operates the variable speed motor for optimum performance. Our modern, efficient manufacturing and development facilites control costs and ensure accuracy through high volume production and the industry's most stringent quality control for the best value in separating systems available today.


Input Tube Rotation


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